How does it work?

Choosing a Package

Payments are then simply paid into your chosen bank account at no extra cost.


When a package is chosen, a detailed and guaranteed future statement is made for the duration of the account.


This will clearly state the exact date when your money will mature and when a drawdown can be requested.


If you do not wish to withdraw the full or part of the return then the initial capital is simply topped up with the statement of your account.

Peak Investment’s approach is simple.

We want to make our clients money work harder but without all the risk, jargon and fee’s associated with investing. Our market leading fixed bonds offer clients transparent and risk free returns.

With 3 packages to choose

They are designed to offer high interest returns for investment novices


Clients can drawdown returns quarterly or simply choose to re-invest.


Clients can also choose to upgrade their package at anytime as we appreciate investing can be a daunting experience.


Once an investment is in place, the return percentage is fixed and will not change.

Choosing the
best package

We can guarantee what return you will receive and when you will receive it. This allows our clients to simply watch their money grow and plan for any future financial commitments. This can be a great regular fixed source of income or just a hassle and risk-free way of saving.

We Maintain
Optimum Results

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  12% return per annum

·      £1000 minimum investment

·      Quarterly interest payments

·      1 Year fixed term

  15% return per annum

·      £5,000 minimum investment

·      Quarterly interest payments

·      3 Year fixed term

   18% return per annum

·       £15,000 minimum investment

·      Quarterly interest payments

·      5 Year fixed term